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Vegan Staffordshire Oat Cakes – A plant-based favourite


Oct 30, 2021

Are you looking for more vegan or plant-based food recipes? We are here to give you some good news and it’s that we have another great one for you. These Vegan Staffordshire Oat Cakes are a traditional oat cake recipe made with your preferred ingredients. Oat cakes are flat pancakes which are very versatile and you can pair or fill them with anything you want. They are great as breakfast wraps, sweet treat fillers or savoury snacks.

Chances are quite good that you will already have most of these ingredients in your kitchen already. Your only choice will be what to fill or top them with. Soem pan-fried cherry tomatoes with balsamic glaze is a great snack to enjoy on it’s own. Fill your Vegan Staffordshire Oat Cakes with vegan sausages and veggies for a great breakfast or dinner wrap for a great filling meal. You can also add some sweet fruits for a sweet snack which is a real treat after dinner.

Another great recipe from Ursula Lake’s recipe book. Let us know what you think of this tasty Vegan Staffordshire Oat Cakes recipe.

Vegan Staffordshire Oat Cakes Recipe

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Recipe by Ursula Lake
Course: Breakfast, DessertCuisine: GlobalDifficulty: Easy




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400 ml Oat milk

400 ml Water

4 g Dried active yeast

½ tsp Sugar

225 g Finely ground oats or oatmeal

160 g Spelt flour

½ tsp Sea salt

Rapeseed oil (canola oil) for frying


In a saucepan mix the water and oat milk and heat gently until warm.Mix the yeast and sugar together in a small bowl and add 2 tbsp’s of the liquid mixture to the bowl, stir and set aside for 10 minutes. It will get a little bit bubbly.In a large mixing bowl mix together the oats, flour and sea salt.Make a little well in the centre of the flours and pour in the yeast mixture. Cover with some of the flour and then wait for another 10 minutes.Next add in the rest of the liquid and combine until you have a thick batter.Cover the mixture with a damp tea towel for ideally 2 hours, but 1 hour will do.Heat a frying pan over a medium heat and add a little of the rapeseed oil (as if you preparing to make a pancake) draining off an excess so that the pan is thinly coated in oil.Give the oatcake batter a stir and then take a ladle full of the mixture and add to the pan, tilting the mixture so that it spreads out.Cook the oatcake for about 4 minutes on the first side. You will know it’s ready to be flipped over as the surface of the oatcake will look dry. Flip it over and cook on the other side for another couple of minutes until golden.Repeat, occasionally replenishing the oil in the pan until you have finished the batter.The finished oatcakes can be kept in the fridge for a few days, wrapped in grease-proof paper and can then be re-heated in a dry pan or the oven before you use them.


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If you would like to try out more recipes like this one, you can order Ursula Lake’s recipe book here. Or follow her on Instagram to see what is cooking in her kitchen.

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