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‘The Queen’s’ Andrea Nomasebe Dondolo (Aunt Bongi) accepts her calling


Oct 29, 2021

Actress, Andrea Nomasebe Dondolo, who played the role of Brutus’s sister, Bongi on Mzansi Magic’s The Queen has accepted her calling to become a sangoma.   

The Eastern Cape-born actress recently told Daily Sun that she experienced major problems in her life before embarking on her journey.   


The actress told the publication that accepting and embracing the gift and journey has not easy as there’s a lot to deal with.

You do not only go through an initiation for yourself but also the lineage from generation to generation.  

Dondolo told the publication that she spent the past year in Mpumalanga under the strict guidance of her uGobela.  

The award-winning actress said it’s important to accept your gift and completely immerse yourself.  

“You face a lot of challenges, depending on the kind of gift you have and where you come from.”

“Accepting the gift means trailing on new territories and that’s no child’s play.”

“You have to completely immerse yourself in the process and literally die as who you were before and what you knew.”     


The actress landed a role on The Queen to play the character, Bongi who was Themba Ndaba’s on-screen brother.  

The actress told TshisaLIVE that playing the equally intriguing sister gave her life.  

“She’s so fierce and quite the chameleon. She becomes what is needed by whoever needs her. She’s an observer at heart.”  

Viewers of the show loved Bongi because she was the only one who can put Brutus in his place.  

“Being around her brother Brutus takes her on a roller coaster ride as memories of their childhood traits and behaviours flare-up.”

“But at the same time, she grounds her brother more than anyone else can. She is like a jack in a box at times.” 

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