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JMPD officers in hot water after dancing with ActionSA’s Herman Mashaba


Oct 29, 2021

A few Johannesburg Metropolitan Police Department (JMPD) officers could face an internal probe after a video of them shaking hands with Herman Mashaba surfaced online. In the 10-second video clip, uniformed officers can also be seen dancing alongside the former Johannesburg mayor.


ActionSA leader Mashaba was campaigning on the ground in Johannesburg ahead of Election Day on 1 November.

The party’s Twitter account posted the video in question on Wednesday, 27 October. The video starts with Mashaba beaming at a JMPD vehicle with his arms outstretched before two officers shake his hand. Another joins and the group begins to clap their hands and dance.

This is what love and mutual respect for leadership looks like! pic.twitter.com/qeUYDh8frI

— ActionSA (@Action4SA) October 27, 2021

JMPD spokesperson Wayne Minnaar said that uniformed officers are not allowed to publicly display or associate with a political party in public.

“Metropolitan police officers may be members of a political party, but cannot show association to that political party when they are in uniform,” said Minnaar.

“The JMPD is acting swiftly in dealing with this matter and, if there is evidence for such misbehaviour, then the members concerned will have to appear before a disciplinary committee, where a presiding official will hear this case and determine an appropriate sanction for such misconduct,” said the JMPD spokesperson.


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