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Girl in the mirror: Is Chris Evans playing ‘Purple Rain’ to Selena Gomez?


Oct 29, 2021

After American actor Chris Evans posted an Instagram Story of him playing Purple Rain on the piano on Tuesday 26 October, fans are convinced they saw the reflection of American singer Selena Gomez in the mirror.


Fans have speculated that Chris Evans and Selena Gomez are dating for some time now and his latest Instagram story has added fuel to the fire. Captain America: The First Avenger posted a clip of himself playing Purple Rain on the piano with the caption “rainy day activities”.

While the clip was innocent enough, fans seemed to think they saw a reflection of Selena in the mirror. A fan shared the clip to TikTok. The video racked up over 72 000 views within a day. 

“Who’s the brunette filming bottom right corner,” was the text displayed across the screen.

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“Is that Selena!?” The clip was captioned.


Earlier this month, Chris and Selena’s followers speculated they were dating after they noticed the actor following the singer on Instagram. Thereafter a fan account of Selena posted an alleged picture of the pair seemingly leaving the same restaurant. 

However, E! News debunked these rumours stating that the photo was actually taken back in 2017 outside a Pilates studio in Los Angeles. 

Therefore, it seems the dating rumours between the pair are just pure speculation at the moment. If Selena is actually dating Chris, she has some competition from American singer Lizzo who already claimed she wants to have his babies. 

After Lizzo joked that she was carrying a “little America”, Chris was a sport and sent her a Direct Message (DM) on Instagram. 

“Hi! Just heard about our little bundle of joy my mother will be so happy lol,” said Chris Evans to Lizzo. 

“Just promise me no gender reveal parties lol,” he added.

the lizzo and chris evans messages are giving me life pic.twitter.com/xc2PfsmGo5

— samantha (@holymangos) August 2, 2021

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