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‘You can’t talk to the manager’: Karens boycott ‘anti-Karen’ coffee shop


Oct 28, 2021

This creative branding has caught the attention of the “Karens” of the world and they are not happy! Coffee Dose Cafe in Los Angeles has received negative reviews about their branding and the Karens have — ironically — been boycotting the vegan-friendly coffee shop…

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The Karens of the world have been getting a bad rap over the years. According to Glamour, the pejorative slang term has become “the unofficial name for white women who abuse their white privilege”.

Urban Dictionary describes a “Karen” as “A middle-aged woman, typically blonde, makes solutions to others’ problems inconvenience to her although she isn’t even remotely affected”.

Coffee Dose, which also has branches in Costa Mesa and Irvine, caught the attention of Karens with their anti-Karen branding.

The café has quirky and creative branding in and around its store. One of their signs sends a bold message to Karens: “No Karen, You can’t talk to the manager.” 

They also have stickers that you can put on your coffee cup with the writing: “Anti-Karen serum”. 


In February this year, Coffee Dose posted a TikTok video where they shared that their quirky branding had unfortunately backfired. 

According to the video, a woman who was unhappy about the branding went to a “Karen” Facebook group asking them to boycott the café because she was offended. Not only did one woman with the name rate them one star on Google, but another Karen also wrote a negative review. 

“Why are you disparaging my name? You claim that you want your patrons to feel safe and to treat them with equality.”

Another sent a message on behalf of her friend named Karen writing “Please stop. She is not only going to boycott your shop but ask everyone she knows to do so as well. Are you aware that a thirteen-year-old girl was recently targeted by bullies, just because her name is Karen?” 

@coffeedosecafe Attack of the Karen’s vol. 1 It was just meant to be a play on our Anti B!tch Serum… #karentok #karensgonewild ♬ original sound – coffeedosecafe

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In a response to the mountain of negative reviews, they put out another sign, writing: “We survived a pandemic, we’ll survive your sh*tty yelp review.”

In a second video sharing some reviews they got, one Karen suggested the café rename their spot to Coffee Douche. 

And that’s how Coffee Dose became Coffee Douche for a while… 

@coffeedosecafe “Despicable people. Rename your place Coffee Douche.” One star, -Karen P. #karensgonewild #karensoftiktok #karenstrikesagain ♬ Spongebob – Dante9k

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