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What the pluck? Pedros cashes in on Nando’s saga in shady ad [photo]


Oct 28, 2021

Nevermind chicken, there’s plenty of beef between fast food restaurants Nando’s and Pedro’s after the latter poked fun at it’s competitor and media personality Gareth Cliff in a cheeky social media post…

Nando’s trended on Twitter after it cut ties as a headline sponsor to the CliffCentral founder’s talk show The Burning Platform after his comments on racism had the country reeling.


Pedros, the “new kid on the block” of flame-grilled chicken, took aim at Nando’s and the Gareth Cliff debate when it posted a tongue-in-cheek message to its customers on Instagram.

“The whole nation is welcome at Pedros. We don’t give a cliff about politics. We don’t do politics…just great chicken at great prices.”

The post was in reference to Cliff, who a week ago interviewed One South Africa Movement (OSA) member Mudzuli Rakhivhane and Democratic Alliance (DA) leader John Steenhuisen during his The Burning Platform show.

The trio were discussing the upcoming elections and the contentious issue of racial tension in the country.

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Cliff landed himself in hot water after he dismissed Rakhivhane’s experience with racism in the country as “completely anecdotal and unimportant.”

Following widespread backlash, Nando’s issued a statement announcing it’s immediate termination of sponsorship to the show, and distancing itself from Cliff.


— NandosSA (@NandosSA) October 23, 2021


Meanwhile a number of viewers of Gareth Cliff’s The Burning Platform have slammed Nando’s for withdrawing it’s support of the show.

Commenting on a Cliff’s Facebook post announcing his latest show which took place on Thursday morning, users claimed they would be “boycotting” the fast food establishment, and even take their money elsewhere.

“Top show. And shame on you Nando’s. From now on I am boycotting you . I am going to Galito’s”, said one follower.

“The show is for those with balls. I thought Nando’s had some. Sadly mistaken”, said another.

A third added: “Love the show – definitely not for chickens though.”

Posted by Gareth Cliff on Wednesday, 27 October 2021

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