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SASSA payment dates for November: When can you collect your grants?


Oct 28, 2021

The penultimate SASSA payment dates for 2021 are almost upon us, and the social grants that will be made available for collection in November go live within the next week. As well as the more established handouts, the R350 grant will again be paid out next month – but beneficiaries have been told to stay on their toes.

Latest news and updates for the R350 grant

R350 grant recipients who opt to use the SA Post Office for their SASSA payments have been encouraged to collect the money owed to them *only after receiving an SMS informing them that their grant is available*.  The grant will not be available if SAPO-withdrawing beneficiaries attempt to collect it before they have received an SMS.

“If you chose a bank account or cash send as your payment method, you will receive the money through the bank you chose. You cannot go to one of the supermarkets. Beneficiaries who have received the SMS and withdraw their grant from a Pick ‘n Pay or Boxer supermarket, must also have their cell phones and identity document with them.”

SA Post Office

SASSA payment dates: When will the R350 grant be paid in November?

As per usual, some SASSA applicants will get their money before the others. The older person’s allowance remains a priority, and that’ll be paid out in six days’ time. The disability allowance soon follows, and recipients can collect these payments a week from today. All other beneficiaries, however, will have to wait until next Friday for their cash.

The situation with the R350 grant remains fluid, but from next weekend onwards, a large number of those who have signed up for the temporary relief fund should notice their monthly fee has been deposited.

Here is the full schedule for SASSA payment dates in November:

Older person’s allowance: Wednesday 3 NovemberDisability allowance: Thursday 4 NovemberChildren’s grants allowance: Friday 5 NovemberR350 grant: No specific payments dates are given, but some will be actioned from Friday 5 November AT THE EARLIEST.

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