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Local Elections: What are the opening hours for voting stations on Monday 1 November?


Oct 28, 2021

Are you an early riser, or one of those that leaves EVERYTHING until the last possible minute? Election Day is almost upon us in South Africa, and it promises to be a gruelling shift for those working behind the ballot booths – after the IEC confirmed the opening hours for our voting stations on Monday 1 November.

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Four days left!

Initially, there were fears earlier this year that a Local Election campaign could not go ahead due to COVID-19, and the Delta variant. But with vaccines flying in arms, and cases dropping off a cliff, South Africa is currently basking in its most lenient period of restrictions since the introduction of the State of Disaster back in March 2020.

Although there will be no political campaigning from party leaders on Monday, this weekend promises to be a cavalcade of political activity and desperate pitches: It really is now our never for those wanting to pick up our votes.

Alas, when it’s all over bar the shouting, it’s our turn. We will be the ones going to the voting stations. We will be the ones putting our crosses in the box. And ultimately, we will be deciding South Africa’s future. There are no foregone conclusions this year, with the ruling party and the official opposition both looking likely to shed voters.

Local Elections: Opening hours for voting stations on Monday 1 November

The IEC has confirmed the opening hours for our voting stations on Monday:

All booths will open on Monday morning, at 7:00.They will then close later that night, at 21:00.In total, you will have 14 hours in which you can cast your ballot.

Voting station opening hours ‘will not be changed’

There had been calls to extend opening hours, to operate from 6:00 until 22:00 instead. It was argued that this would help reduce crowding at certain voting stations, thus easing the threat of COVID-19 transmission. The IEC has not budged from its original plans though, and it’ll be business as usual for them at the start of next week.

Please remember that voting stations only open from 7am to 9pm for #LGE2021 on 1 November 2021 – Election Day. #everyvoicetogether.

— IEC South Africa (@IECSouthAfrica) October 28, 2021

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