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Local Elections 2021: Vaccination ‘NOT REQUIRED’ for voters


Oct 28, 2021

South Africans heading to the poles on Monday next week will be able to cast their vote in the Local Government Elections regardless of whether they have received their COVID-19 vaccination, the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) has confirmed. 

IEC confirms that un-vaccinated citizens can vote in elections  

In a response to one of many Twitter users curious about whether or not vaccination status will play a role in the vote on Monday, the IEC said that the un-jabbed are equally encouraged to cast their vote as those who have managed to get theirs. 

“Vaccination is not linked to your right to vote in any way. You don’t need to be vaccinated to vote,” they said. 

The IEC have committed to ensuring that polling stations around the country are properly set up to protect voters from becoming infected with COVID-19, even going as far as to request that where possible, citizens bring their own pen along with them.

“The pandemic has made us rethink everything! Voters are encouraged to bring their own pens to reduce the spread of COVID-19. If a voter forgets to bring their own, the Electoral Commission will provide one for them,” they said. 

Vaccine status increasingly required  

Vaccination status is becoming increasingly requisite for citizens to participate in public events. The University of Cape Town (UCT) announced last week that all students attending classes on campus must provide proof that they have been vaccinated, and fans returning to sports stadia will also need to have received the jab to gain access. 

South Africa has administered 21 924 915 vaccines since the rollout began earlier this year. The aim is to ensure that over 40 million South Africans are vaccinated by the end of 2021 to ensure that lockdown laws can remain eased and ultimately be scrapped entirely. 

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