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Tweeps on ‘Tembisa 10’ ad: ‘Nando’s creativity is coming back to bite’


Oct 27, 2021

Following the shocking claims that the Tembisa 10 did actually exist at a press conference today (27 October), Tweeps want Nando’s to apologise for their advertisement which mocked the journalist and the mother of the babies.


In June this year, journalist Piet Rampedi reported that Gosiame Sithole gave birth to decuplets. This was a big deal because it would have been a world-first. However, the 10 babies could not be found and it was therefore concluded that the Sithole never actually gave birth to the decuplets.

Today (27 October), Dr Iqbal Survé  led a press conference about the Tembisa 10 making shocking claims about the 10 babies. These claims include,

Sithole was told she was pregnant with eight babies and they have a certificate proving she was carrying with “multiple pregnancies”.When giving birth it was revealed that two more babies were lodged in the fallopian tubes – but both died due to alleged medical negligence.He went on to say that the eight babies were taken to different hospitals.Survé  further claimed that government and state hospital were a part of the human trafficking syndicate.He also claimed that home affairs was also involved in Identity Documents and patient records that are not recorded properly or disappear.


While it was concluded that the Tembisa 10 did not exist, Nando’s jumped on the bandwagon with one of their notorious advertisements. Using the angle of fake news, Nando’s referenced the Tembisa 10 with a story about the “Ekurhuleni 11”. 

The advert dived into donations the mother received and duplicated the huge baby bump that resembled a popular picture of her, along with their tongue-in-cheek humour. Nando’s also referenced that the babies were not revealed to the public.

@Nandos. Was this not you…..?#Tembisa10 pic.twitter.com/1PsounPun5

— Mpho Gadisi (@_CoMphoSure) October 27, 2021

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Following the news that Sithole was actually pregnant with 10 babies, Tweeps are demanding Nando’s issue an apology to both the mother and Rampedi. 

A Tweep said that Nando’s “creativity” is coming back to bite them. 

Nandos’ “creativity” is all coming back to bite. Literally One story at a time #Tembisa10

— HOBART (@CollinsMunyai_) October 27, 2021

Others were calling for Nando’s to apologise. 

Lest we forget that the racist #PoliticalChicken outlet Nandos made a mockery out of Gosiame Sithole’s nightmare.

Nandos made a joke out of a very serious issue plaguing South Africa, #HumanTrafficking.

This explains why Nandos employs Foreigners#Tembisa10 #NandosMustFall pic.twitter.com/8Q1eBECzvT

— (@Codename__X) October 27, 2021

Nandos and Julius Malema should apologise to Piet Rampedi they made an joke about him his more of an Influential then any of them pic.twitter.com/IDdXxJgn99

— IG:Joy-Zelda (@joy_zelda) October 27, 2021

“I am disappointed with Nandos, for making fun of this woman and her trauma”.~Iqbal Surve #Tembisa10 @NandosSA @NandosUK

— Sean Mr G #Forced Vaccines Evaluator! (@SeanGoss31) October 27, 2021

Nandos must apologize vele #Tembisa10

— Mrs Bev Amo Moloto (@am_moloto) October 27, 2021

Me and my family are boycotting @nandos with immediate effect #Tembisa10

— #AfricaRise (@GolideOnline) October 27, 2021

Tweeps were also upset at South African advocate and professor of law Thuli Madonsela for her involvement with the fast food outlet.

Instead of disputing the existence of #Tembisa10 with facts, they used Nandos and this influencer @ThuliMadonsela3 to poke fun of @pietrampedi pic.twitter.com/X6Et5OzUhu

— Thabiso (@Thabzo_) October 27, 2021

This the second time Tweeps are angered at Nando’s within a week. On Friday 22 October, Tweeps were infuriated at Gareth Cliff’s “racist” remarks on The Burning Platform which is sponsored by Nando’s. This led to Tweeps wanting Nando’s cancelled. 

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