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Tito Mboweni labelled ‘colonial agent’ after posting London throwback pic


Oct 27, 2021

South Africa’s former finance minister Tito Mboweni usually leaves his many followers laughing out loud with his hilarious posts about his culinary adventures with pilchards and garlic.

Not many people were laughing however after Tito headed to Twitter where he shared a snap of himself back in London years ago.

Tito Mboweni shares a London throwback

The country’s famous finance minister-turned-amateur chef and social media personality Tito Mboweni has gained himself a number of followers with his often hilarious posts.

When he isn’t making garlicky pilchard dishes, he is sharing interesting posts about his take on South Africa’s political situation.

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He has once again left his followers buzzing…but this time it wasn’t all fun and laughter. Taking to Twitter on Tuesday this week, Tito posted a throwback photo of his London days that was taken in 1985 which he captioned:

“Who is this fellow?? 1985 is the clue. In London.”

Who is this fellow?? 1985 is the clue. In London. pic.twitter.com/CEI3uv65Op

— Tito Mboweni (@tito_mboweni) October 26, 2021

‘Colonial agent’ Tito Mboweni ruffles some feathers

The post did not go well for him as people were soon taking to the comment section where they wrote that he was hiding in London while South Africa battled apartheid.

Many of them also called him a “colonial agent” while questioning whether he was in fact a freedom fighter.

Colonial agents pic.twitter.com/eG47B4xmpR

— Malome Uncle (@Seokotsabk) October 27, 2021

Here are some of their comments:

@BlackTittan said:

“During apartheid, you were in London? Then you claim to be a revolutionary?”

@Morena84182196 said:

“1985 it was tough living in Sharpeville always having to run away from the police or soldiers while fighting for freedom. While you were living it up in London. Now the little resources we have fought for you are handing them to foreign nationals.”

@KholoBlue said:

“You were living soft in the streets of London when fellow comrades were fighting the apartheid regime tatana??”

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