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Getting The Needle – A look at the new trend for roll flower tattoos


Oct 27, 2021

Organisations like IOL have been making great strides in promoting body positivity, backed by influencers such as mentor, Zintle Limba, whose own experiences inspired her to reach out to others.  Zintle says, “I accepted the name-calling from others and I just wanted to shed all that weight to feel pretty and slimmer. I don’t want any girl/woman feeling that way. You are enough and you are beautiful”. One incredibly important movement is the new trend for roll flower tattoos which is sweeping South Africa at the moment. 

A nod and an ink

While we strive for a more inclusive society, many people have noted that, as a general rule, tattoos tend to be geared toward certain body types – with many larger people feeling that they would need to lose weight before embracing body art for themselves. This notion was turned on its head by tattoo artist, Carrie Metz Caporusso, who set out to help people to celebrate their bodies through beautiful artistry known as roll flower tattoos. 

On a roll

Roll flower tattoos are designed specifically for larger body shapes and, essentially, work with the natural rolls and curves of the body to create a fluid, floral piece of art.  The artist, Metz-Capourusso, explains: “I thought, ‘If only people knew how empowering it is to just tattoo yourself, then maybe they would join me. So I just sat myself down and was like, ‘You will make something for fat people, you will celebrate fat bodies’ and I literally just kept trying different ideas until I landed on roll flowers.”  The tattooist team, Carrie and Tony, who works from a studio in Ann Arbor, began with a crocus flower design which was drawn onto an image of the client’s back in a technique that follows the exact shape of the body. The artists then carefully create stencils of the design which are placed along the top and bottom rolls to produce one, cohesive and fluid piece of art.  

The sharp end of business

With over 20,000 Instagram followers, the Metz-Capourusso team has never looked back and the craze has now gained popularity across the globe, including the salons of South Africa. However, the roll flower process, which takes around seven hours, presents a challenge for South African salons, as they strive to welcome customers back while maintaining social distancing guidelines. Lots of salons have found the solution in Booksy’s appointment booking platform and app.  

Much more than just appointment booking, Booksy offers salon owners and customers a safe, secure and convenient way of getting the job done. Customers are able to book and manage their own appointments through the easy-to-use app – meaning that they don’t need to faff around with making phone calls.  For owners and managers, the platform offers a ton of benefits through the power of artificial intelligence, including more intelligent salon management, sales and marketing, staff management as well as payment and prepayment through the app.  This last feature is particularly important in cutting down on the number of salon no-shows which can quickly cut into the business’s profits.  

Booksy is known for its excellent customer service. In fact, Booksy has been ranked as one of the most effective support teams in Number For Live Person’s database and Brand24’s sentiment analysis feature also shows overwhelming positivity from customers!


As we approach the holiday season, inclusivity is more important than ever before – and trends such as roll flower tattoos encourage us to celebrate our bodies, whatever their shape or size, along with celebrating the season. 

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