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Disaster! Stage 4 load shedding to be implemented until FRIDAY


Oct 27, 2021

Sadly, this isn’t some sort of bad joke: Just days before Local Elections take place across South Africa, Eskom is failing to keep the lights on, and things are getting worse. The load shedding schedule will intensify this afternoon, with Mzansi moving to STAGE 4 power outages that are set to last until Friday.

Latest load shedding schedule for Wednesday 29 October

After 5:00 on 29 October, load shedding will drop back down to the less severe Stage 2, and will remain in place until Saturday morning. The news comes following a rather bleak State of the System address from Eskom this week, which summarised the mountain of problems that still face our embattled power provider.

Eskom regrets to announce that #Stage4 #loadshedding will be implemented from 12pm today until 05:00 on Friday, thereafter loadshedding will continue on Stage 2 till 05:00 Saturday morning

— Eskom Hld SOC Ltd (@Eskom_SA) October 27, 2021

Why has South Africa moved to Stage 4?

In a statement published on Wednesday, Eskom revealed that five separate incidents at five different plants have effectively screwed us all over. Tripped units and forced shutdowns have taken a huge chunk of energy off the grid, leaving electricity consumers high and dry in Mzansi. This is their apology, if you can stomach it:

“Due to a further shortage of generation capacity, Eskom regrets to announce that Stage 4 load shedding will be implemented from midday on Wednesday (today), until 5:00 on Friday 29 October. Thereafter, Stage 2 load shedding will be in place until Saturday. Units at Medupi, Kusili, and Matla have all tripped within the last 24 hours.”

“Meanwhile, units at Lethaba and Arnot have been forced to shut down. This has forced Eskom into extensive use of its emergency reserves, hampering the recovery of these precious supplies.”

“Some units have returned to service, and Unit 1 at Koeberg is expected back online later – within 48 hours, it should be ramping up to its full output. Load shedding is implemented as a last resort to maintain the stability of the power system. Though Stage 4 is no cause for alarm, we’d like to apologise for any inconvenience this has caused.”

Eskom via Twitter

You can read Eskom’s full statement here:


Regretfully Stage 4 loadshedding will be implemented from 12:00 on Wednesday until 05:00 on Friday; thereafter Stage 2 loadshedding will continue as previously communicated until 05:00 on Saturday pic.twitter.com/H7CR4bk0A0

— Eskom Hld SOC Ltd (@Eskom_SA) October 27, 2021

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