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Yikes! Riders stuck hanging upside down on rollercoaster for hours! [watch]


Oct 26, 2021

Thrill-seekers recently got a thrill they really didn’t bargain for after visiting the Universal Studio’s theme park in Osaka, Japan. According to reports, the riders of one of the park’s rollercoasters were left hanging upside down for an entire two hours after a power outage.

A rollercoaster ride from hell becomes reality for unfortunate riders

Imagine getting stuck upside down on a rollercoaster for two hours while waiting for some help? 35 guests of Japan’s Universal Studios theme park in Osaka do not need to imagine after this unfortunate thing happened to them in real life.

Business Insider reports how 35 riders were enjoying “Hollywood Dream – The Ride” when suddenly the power went out leaving them stuck near the highest point of the rollercoaster which stands a whopping 140 feet above the ground.

A clip shared on Sky News shows how the scared riders were eventually rescued by theme park staff members who escorted them to safety through an emergency passage.

The publication also said that there were no reported injuries while the reason behind the outage is currently being investigated. They also revealed that a similar incident happened just a few months earlier leaving theme park goers once again stuck in a dangerous position.

People riding a rollercoaster at Universal Studios Japan in Osaka were temporarily stranded at the top when it suddenly stopped. pic.twitter.com/CD7DyO1rph

— NHK WORLD News (@NHKWORLD_News) October 22, 2021

Meanwhile, a South African theme park gets a complete makeover

When Ratanga Junction closed its gates to the public for the final time in 2018, Cape Town residents mourned the loss of an iconic landmark.

The attraction was a favourite amongst locals and visitors alike, and its presence has been sorely missed. However, its demise wasn’t entirely final – and the site is set to transition from ‘theme park’ to ‘water park’.

The Rabie Property Group has revealed more about its plans to rejuvenate the location, ensuring that the Century City-based plot will once again draw visitors back in their droves.

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