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‘Taken for fools’: Tweeps angered by Cele after remarks of Senzo’s brother


Oct 26, 2021

Tweeps are angered at South African police minister Bheki Cele after late footballer Senzo Meyiwa’s brother claims that the suspects implicated in the late soccer star’s murder case are “not the real killers” on Monday 25 October. 


Today (26 October) marks the anniversary of Senzo Meyiwa’s death in 2014. The former Orlando Pirates keeper was killed in an armed robbery at the home of singer Kelly Khumalo, his then girlfriend and the mother of his child. 

It has been seven years since and Tweeps think every time the anniversary of his death comes around, police officers have a new lead. However, Tweeps do not seem to think these are the real killers and neither does Senzo’s brother. 

KwaZulu-Natal hitman Fisokuhle Ntuli was implicated in the murder of six people, including that of the footballer. He was convicted of the murders at the Esikhaleni Regional Court on Monday 18 October.

However, his brother Sfiso Meyiwa strongly believes that these are not the “real killers”.


After the matter was postponed at the Boksburg Magistrate Court to 11 April 2022, Sfiso shared his feelings with the media. Sfiso said that he does not think the suspects who were implicated in his brother’s murder are the real killers.

He said that President Cyril Ramaphosa needs to intervene because the nation has lost faith in his cabinet.

“I think the case now needs to be referred to the president [Cyril Ramaphosa]. The president now needs to intervene because the nation has lost faith in his cabinet,” said Sfiso.

He went on to say that he thinks Bheki Cele is scared. 

“In the beginning, the Minister of Police Bheki Cele was at first agreeing with us [on the actual perpetrators] because we know them and he also knows them, but now has come out to say it’s these five people.

“I don’t know if the minister is scared now,” he continued.

“He is perhaps scared of something, I don’t know or maybe he is scared that they will do something against him, I don’t know. I’m very strong because I’m a man of God, I believe in God, I don’t fear anyone,” he added.

#SenzoMeyiwa’s brother, Sifiso, says the 5 accused men are innocent and have nothing to do with his brother’s death@Newzroom405 pic.twitter.com/2wO5FkVkal

— Tshegohaco Moagi (@TshegoMoagi_) October 25, 2021

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Tweeps are angered at the minister of police following Sfiso’s remarks. This is because they feel like South Africans are being taken for fools. One tweep added that Cele was trying to confuse everyone. 

We are being taken for fools here, there is no case and never was. Cele was just trying to confuse us! pic.twitter.com/Jfy3c5CiDR

— Lu (@Lushaibo) October 25, 2021

Another Tweep said that the Meyiwa family is not alone as many more families have lost loved ones with the killer not being caught. 

There are not alone almost everyone in this Country have a family member or relative who have been brutally killed but the killers are not caught why we only focusing on them. Who said life of a celebrity is important than other people’s life. Crime is affecting us all

— Ntokozo Ngcobo (@Qadi_1) October 25, 2021

Taking to Twitter, social media users are mostly angered by Cele.

Senzo Meyiwa’s brother says the police arrested innocent people, & an investigator is still running the case while also being a prime suspect.
He also added suspicions on the manner Bheki Cele is handling the case. #SenzoMeyiwa

— Pan Africano (@PanAfricology) October 26, 2021

Who Killed #SenzoMeyiwa since 2019,2020,2021 Bheki Cele promised us arrests but no Killer brought to rest those guys are innoncent and has been pinned on them,He was killed in a house full of people why ain’t these people brought to questioning pic.twitter.com/rMRBnpX1Iw

— IG:Joy-Zelda (@joy_zelda) October 25, 2021

Still refusing to go in the dock huh? Bheki Cele’s got his work cut out convincing anyone of this 5’s guilt of the #SenzoMeyiwa case.

— Sonyekethwayo (@Malabulabu945) October 25, 2021

Bheki Cele is very good in acting in a manner that helps the criminals effectively cover their tracks in high profile hits.
He keeps the public pressure at bay. Plays the role very well. #SenzoMeyiwa #SindisoMagaqa #CharlKinnear #BabitaDeokaran #MlaziMassacre https://t.co/Eh37cdfHjz

— xolani ndimba (@XNdimba) September 20, 2021

Nothing is Cele going to do. He told the nation that they have made a breakthrough on #SenzoMeyiwa‘s death. He said the killers will be prosecuted soon. It’s almost 2 years now. How soon is his soon

— Ta_Rhoo (@PapaRhoo) October 8, 2021

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