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Fast food worker trashes restaurant to get Meek Mill’s attention [watch]


Oct 26, 2021

A Subway restaurant employee has found himself without a job after he used the most bizarre method to get rapper Meek Mill’s attention. In a clip that has since been removed from YouTube, he can be seen walking on buns and throwing things around while speaking about getting Meek’s attention.

Restaurant employee goes the bizarre mile to get famous

A young man has caught some of the attention he was desperately seeking after he decided that the best way to get the attention of his favourite US rapper was to trash the restaurant where he works.

In a clip that he shared on YouTube, Jumanne Way can be seen filming himself while doing his best to make a mess in the Subway fast-food restaurant where he reportedly only worked for two months.

Walking on rolls, putting meat and cheese on a toilet seat and throwing fillings are some of the things he can be seen doing in the video. Meanwhile, he tells the camera how he needs Meek Mill to sign him because he does not belong in the restaurant, NME reports.

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‘Do anything for clout’

“Tell Meek Mill to sign me,” he said. “Let him know, I’m trying to get signed to DreamChasers. F*ck all this Subway sh*t. F*ck all this Subway sh*t, bro. At Meek Mill, let him know I’m trying to get signed. I’m deadass. I’m done working at Subway. Deadass,” he says.

He then went on to say that he was not making the video to get “clout”.

“I’m not with none of this clout-chasing sh**, bro. All of this clout-chasing sh** is temporary, bro. Deadass. I don’t want to do this. I really don’t want to be doing none of this,” he said.

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