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Summer Braai Veggie Sosaties – Veggies belong on the braai too


Oct 25, 2021

It’s time to light the fires again here in South Africa with the weather heating up and celebrating our love of food. However, not everybody loves to eat meat and still want to have something grilled. These Summer Braai Veggie Sosaties are perfect for the vegans and vegetarians at the party, but they are also just a great braai side dish. You can keep everybody at the party happy this weekend with some great, colourful and tasty treats on the fire.

This recipe includes a great mix of delicious vegetables like mushrooms, asparagus, coloured peppers/capsicum, courgettes, patty pans and onions. You can get very lucky in the green grocer’s by picking up the potjiekos mixed veggies or putting your favourites together as you please. If you’re the braaimaster, you will know how to time everything correctly and give all of these great veggies the care they deserve. These Summer Braai Veggie Sosaties are great vfor anybody on a plan–based diet or if you want a fun way to get your veggies cooked this weekend at your braai.l

Braai season is here and these Summer Braai Veggie Sosaties are perfect for the vegans, vegetarians and everybody else at the table.

Summer Braai Veggie Sosaties recipe

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Recipe by Louise Liebenberg
Course: MainCuisine: VeganDifficulty: Easy




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6 mielies, husks and silk removed

6 large brown mushrooms, wiped

250 g fresh asparagus, well rinsed and drained

Veggie skewers

250 g courgettes

250 patty patty pans

250 g portobello or button mushrooms

20 small pickling onions or shallots

300 g small red and yellow peppers, halved and seeded


Mielies and asparagusFor the mielies and asparagus, simply toss them in a bit of olive oil, then season with salt and pepper straight before grilling. The mielies are also good with a splash of chilli oil.Large brown mushroomsA simple drizzle of oil, followed by salt and pepper, will do the trick for the mushrooms. What also goes especially well with mushrooms is a bit of sweet-and-sour sauce poured into the cap.Veggie skewersSoak the kebab sticks in water for at least an hour before using or they will catch fire on the barbeque.Patty pans and onions are easiest to thread, so put those on first. Some types of mushrooms can break in half during threading. One way to avoid this is to microwave them on high for a few seconds first. That way they will be more squishy for easier threading. Mushrooms are best threaded through the base and out the top of the cap.When threading small peppers, cut them in half (not lengthways), so each piece of pepper can be threaded twice, making them less likely to fall off.Small pickling onions are best threaded whole from base to tip.The skewers (and the other veggies) can happily rest in the oven after braaiing until you are ready to serve.

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