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ANC Councillor denies DA voter an RDP house, due to ‘political allegiance’


Oct 25, 2021

The DA is set to hand over a newly-built home to a family in Pongola, KZN on Monday – more than two years after devastating floods washed away their last property. The Xabas have struggled to secure an RDP house in the time, insisting that their allegiance to the DA has been a major stumbling block.

DA voters ‘denied RDP house’ by ANC councillor

The Xaba family says that they were denied the chance to be given an RDP house, because the local ANC councillor ‘knew that they voted for the opposition’. This, however, only encouraged fellow DA voters to show their community spirit.

On Monday morning, the DA confirmed that a collective of residents in Pongola have spent the last two years building a house for the Xabas – and the party will officially hand the keys over today.

Local community rallies round Xaba family

Whereas the helpful locals have been praised, the Blues are still fairly cheesed off with the allegations made against the ANC councillor. A statement issued this morning slammed the ruling party as a ‘sad and uncaring organisation’.

“DA KZN Leader, Francois Rodgers together with Zululand North Constituency leadership will hand over a house to a family in need. In 2019, the Xaba family lost their home due to heavy rainfalls. This family was told by the ANC local councillor that they will not get an RDP house because of their allegiance to the Democratic Alliance.”

“The DA members in this Constituency gathered and started building this two-bedroom house to restore this family’s dignity. Today the DA will officially hand over the house to the Xaba family.”

“It is sad that people in need are being left out in the cold because of an uncaring governing party. People must discard the governing party in Pongola and everywhere else in this country because they have failed the people of this country.”

DA statement, Monday 25 October

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