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Helen Zille: ANC blackmail poor people with social grants


Oct 24, 2021

Former DA Premier Helen Zille has called the ANC’s bluff as the 2021 local elections edge closer. She has suggested the ruling party’s current campaign is based on pure lies regarding the social grant.


Zille, who is the federal council chairperson of the DA, told the public that the ANC utilises social grants to “blackmail poor people” to vote for the 109-year-old ruling party.

The former Premier of the Western Cape said the ANC’s 2021 election campaign has been dominated by claims that all social grants are delivered by the ANC.

“One of the most outrageous features of the election is to see ANC Ministers going around telling poor people their grants come from the ANC. They do not,” she said.

“They come primarily from the 7-million registered personal taxpayers in South Africa, most of whom do not vote ANC. It is time the ANC stopped using grants to blackmail poor people.”


Zille’s message said voting against the black, green, and gold party has never meant a loss of earning social grants. Voting blue will instead translate into more benefits and opportunities for the poor.

“No person has lost a grant because they voted DA. Indeed, quite the opposite. Where the DA wins, there is a more generous basket of free basic services for the poor, and the unemployed are far more likely to get a job.

The 70-year-old, who has served in her current federal position since 2019, expressed confidence on how it is now time to expose the ruling party.

“Time to call the ANC’s bluff in this election. The more people vote ANC the poorer they will get, and soon tax money for grants will also run out, when the ANC has finished looting,” she concluded.

Meanwhile, DA leader John Steenhuisen used his party’s final rally to urge supporters not to back any new or small parties and give them a chance instead when they head to the polls for the Local Government Elections on 1 November, 2021.

“Forget about all the brand new parties that spring up before every single election like a field of overnight mushrooms and then fade away just as quickly afterwards. Forget about all the small parties that just don’t have the numbers to properly represent you, and certainly don’t have the numbers to keep the ANC or EFF out,” Steenhuisen said.

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