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Shake & Bake Beer Pie – When craft beer has a whole new meaning


Oct 23, 2021

Do you love being a creative baker? Do you have a South African themed party planned and looking for something special as your main attraction on the dessert table? It’s also the festive season and pies are the aim of this delicious cooking game. Pumpkin pie might be an American favourite, but we do love good food that includes butternut which is surprisingly popular in South Africa. Kirten Bowes, student chef, brings you this really fun baking challenge which will blow everybody away when they see it. It’s a pie shaped like a beer with this Shake & Bake Beer Pie.

No butternut pumpkin pie filling is complete without those ginger and cinnamon flavours. You’ll also be making classic Italian Meringue for your beer foam. Don’t fret about shaping this Shake & Bake Beer Pie because the recipe method below helps you out completely. If there’s one recipe that belongs on your social media pages to brag to everybody who can’t make it to the party, it’s this one. If you’ve been looking for a new baking challenge or want to challenge yourself with something very cool, this is the recipe for you.

Bring on the festive season dessert table with this Shake & Bake Beer Pie recipe to impress all of your friends. Brought to you by the Jackie Cameron School of Wine and Food.

Shake & Bake Beer Pie Recipe

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Recipe by Jackie Cameron School of Food and Wine
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For the butternut pie

15.6 g Brown sugar

1.25 g Ginger powder

1.25 g Cinnamon powder

1.25 g Mixed spice

1 Egg

125 g Butternut

62.5 ml Miles gold cream

3 g Oryx salt

31.2 ml Milk

3 g Oryx pepper

For the Italian Meringue

2 Egg whites at room temperature

150 g Caster sugar

50 ml Water


Part 1: For the pumpkin piePreheat your oven to 180°C and grease two 6cm cake tins and a dariole mould. Slice and peel your butternut and boil until soft. Blend the butternut to make a purée.Whisk your sugar, spices and eggs together until incorporated.Fold your room temperature butternut purée into the sugar, spice and egg mix.Slowly pour your cream and milk into the butternut, spice mixture and combine well.Season with salt and pepper to taste.Pour 30ml of your batter into each 6cm cake tin and 10ml in the dariole mould.Cover your butternut mix with tinfoil and bake for 1 hour at 180°C.Part 2: For the Italian MeringuePut water in a saucepan and bring to a simmer. Add your sugar to the water and stir lightly. After stirring it in the beginning, do not stir again as it will crystallise. Heat the sugar to exactly 114°C with a sugar thermometer. Take it off the heat immediately.Whisk the egg whites with a mixing machine using the whisk attachment.Whisk your egg whites to a stiff peakThen, slowly incorporate your sugar syrup. Make sure to pour the syrup very slowly into the meringue mix as it will get too hot, if added too quickly.Put the Italian meringue in a piping bag with a star nozzle.Part 3: Constructing the Beer PieUse round cutters to trim the pie use a 5cm, 4cm and a 2cm cutter.Place the 5cm pie as the base and place the 4cm on top of the base, make sure it is secure.The smallest pie piece must be hollowed out slightly (1cm diameter), you can use a teaspoon to do this. Trim until you get the shape of a beer bottle.Once you have a beer bottle shape pipe meringues inside the hollowed out piece of pie, and down the side of the bottle all the way to the plate. This will give the appearance of beer foam dripping down the bottle.Use a blow torch on low heat until the meringues have a light brown colour on top of them.Finish by garnishing with clovers.


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