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How Jurgen Klopp has unleashed Liverpool’s attacking potential


Oct 23, 2021

Liverpool fullback Trent Alexander-Arnold has opened up on a tactical tweak made by Jurgen Klopp that has allowed the team to be a force going forward.

Much of Liverpool’s thrust comes down the right flank where Alexander-Arnold operates in close proximity to red-hot Mohamed Salah and the defender credits Klopp with making the change that has allowed the Reds to run riot down the wing.

How Jurgen Klopp has unleashed Liverpool’s attacking potential

“It’s just playing with freedom, to be honest – especially more this season,” Alexander-Arnold explained in a conversation with Liverpoolfc.com

“Not that there were really any shackles on, but the shackles have come off for us. It’s kind of just flowed really. 

“Obviously me and Mo are the two ever-present on that side and then whoever comes in – whether it be Hendo, Harvey, Naby or anyone really – it’s just flowing. 

“It’s just having that flexibility but also having a sense of discipline and having players, like the two centre-halves, who can organise things when we kind of get ahead of ourselves and start doing some crazy things down there! 

How Jurgen Klopp has unleashed Liverpool’s attacking potential

“Like I said, it’s flowing well and teams are finding it difficult to deal with. It’s just a natural sense of where to be at the right time. 

“There’s no real instructions, we understand there’s principles to our game and where to be when the ball’s on the other side and things like that. 

“But when it comes over to us then we’ve kind of been given licence to just enjoy ourselves, go and create things, go and attack, go and cause problems for the opposition.  

“It just feels right, to be honest. Of course there’s a shape to the team, there has to be a sense of discipline and security when we’re attacking. 

“But I think for the most part when I’ve been playing the position I’ve always felt a freedom – and more so this season, being allowed to drift in wherever I want and just finding space where I can, not just having to stay on the touchline and keep the width. 

“Just rotating, causing headaches for the opposition and just finding myself in positions where I can hurt the opposition and create chances for the team.” 

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