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‘Even Jews are vaccinated’ – Malema delivers controversial jab message


Oct 22, 2021

He’s never been one for minding his P’s and Q’s, but Julius Malema might have just presented the strangest – and perhaps most offensive – case in favour of getting vaccinated.

Has Julius Malema been vaccinated for COVID-19?

The EFF leader was addressing a campaign rally in the Western Cape on Friday, and didn’t seem too bothered about upsetting people. The 40-year-old has been criticised before for not revealing his own vaccination status beforehand, but earlier today, he announced that he had indeed been jabbed against COVID-19.

His reasoning, however, won’t be featuring on any government-approved advert any time soon. Julius Malema said he chose to get the vaccine because, and we quote, ‘the trials were run on white people’. But wait, there’s more.

Juju uses ‘Jews’ comment for bizarre vaccination defence

In a follow-up anecdote, the firebrand politician turned his attention to the Jewish community, claiming that their decision to get the COVID-19 vaccine is convincing because… *sigh*… ‘those people don’t play with their lives’:

“I’m told today that they want to force everyone to vaccinate. We don’t need to force anyone to vaccinate. No one will do that to us… I’m vaccinated because I believe in science and the trials for COVID-19 were run on white people and that is unusual. Even Jews are vaccinated and those people don’t play with their lives.”

Julius Malema

I’ve had it, but it should not be mandatory’ – Julius Malema on getting vaccinated

Malema also rejected proposals for a ‘mandatory vaccine’, insisting that people must be free to choose if they get immunised or not. In fact, the only thing Juju says SHOULD be compulsory in South Africa is the submission of each citizen’s DNA – to help identify suspects in contact crimes, such as rape and sexual assault.

MALEMA: I’m told today that they want to force everyone to vaccinate. We don’t need to force anyone to vaccinate. What they must do is make everyone of us to do DNA tests. Because That will help with a lot of things including rape. #LandAndJobsManje #VoteEFF

— Economic Freedom Fighters (@EFFSouthAfrica) October 22, 2021

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