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Darn it! Company finds gap in market with holey socks [photos]


Oct 22, 2021

A footwear company has consumers confused after it revealed it was selling socks…with holes in them!

Navierto, based in Egypt, had social media users scratching their heads when they debuted a new line of holey socks by Japanese designer Takayuki Fukuzawa.


It’s one of life’s unexplainable mysteries: Socks have an uncanny habit of either going missing, or developing holes in the toes.

And the latter is something the creative designer Takayuki is playing on, claiming his creations — which feature an embroidered hole in the big toe — are “designed to last a long time”.

Designer Takayuki Fukuzawa from Japan has released socks with a hole on the thumb
In his opinion, such a model will last longer and, accordingly, is more environmentally friendly. pic.twitter.com/PyB1ok4qei

— MemeGenerator3000 (@Sergiu28871107) October 1, 2021

The socks come in six pairs and retail for 150 Egyptian Pounds (R140).

The ad campaign — sharing the tagline “Don’t be shy anymore” — went viral on social media, with consumers sharing their hilarious reactions.

“Y’all expect us to buy these and wear them?” asked one follower. “I can do this for free,” quipped a second.

A third mocked the design. “It’s like a balaclava, but for your feet,” they posted.

Don’t be shy anymore

New collection designed by: Takayuki Fukuzawa

100% cotton / Pack 6 Socks

Price: 150 EGP

Posted by Navierto on Wednesday, 6 October 2021

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The socks aren’t the only offbeat creation from the designer. Takayuki Fukuzawa has created other bizarre wearable designs like a range of T-shirts featuring optical illusions (perfect for women and men who want to show off faux abs/cleavage)…

takayuki fukuzawa pic.twitter.com/DmEQBImShr

— nannan (@androidman) May 26, 2014

…A collection of resin necklaces featuring miniature figurines striking hilarious poses…

Takayuki Fukuzawa necklace. Image credit: ekodworks.com/store

…And a cell phone charger that emulates a nosebleed…

Takayuki Fukuzawa phone charger. Image credit: ekodworks.com/store

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